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Dan and Donnamarie Sloan met as undergraduates at the University of Florida while pursuing their studies in architecture and design. After graduation in 1983 they each established their careers in South Florida; Dan in building construction, Donna in Interior Design. Together they started developing their own projects; first Sloan Place at Boca Raton and then Sloan Hammock at Delray Beach. The development of Sloan Hammock, which is in the heart of the Marina Historic District, sparked in them a latent interest in historic preservation. They went on to purchase the “Marina Mews” (an existing contributing historic property in the district), as well as another historic property on NE 7th Avenue. With these two historic gems in need of extensive restoration, they decided that in order to do a proper job they each needed a formal education in Architectural Historic Preservation. They applied to their alma mater, moved to Gainesville for 2 years, and pursued graduate degrees in Architectural Studies. Upon graduation in 1999 they returned to Delray to tackle their historic preservation endeavors. Their fruits are “The Mews at Sloan Hammock” and “Sloan Court”!

Dan is a licensed General Contractor with Master Degrees in both Architecture and Architectural Studies: Historic Preservation. Donna is a licensed Interior Designer with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Desgin & a Master Degree in Architectural Studies: Historic Preservation.

Look for our new project “Conch-alow Row” in Lake Worth. These “Tropical Accommodations” are for sale! (Coming soon!